Art Book - The Art Of Jose Rojas - Drawings Of The Past

The Art Of Jose Rojas Drawings of the Past 


Several years ago I decide that one day I would write a book so I did. After many years of writing block and excuses I finally put together this piece of my art experiences into a book. This book contains a collections of drawing collected for many years. The ones select come with a story attach to them. Mainly about the human experience and my daily struggles. I hope with the introduction of this book you find happiness as well. Most of the Drawing are done with pencil and are from my visual mind. - JOSE ROJAS


We are proud to introduce to you the book The Art Of Jose Rojas - Drawings Of The Past. This book contains a collection of past drawings and a series of writings for each drawing. The made book was written and the drawings are by the New York City Artist Jose Rojas. The book is available on Apple iTunes books. This is the first book by Jose Rojas. He plans on making more art and writing more books. Visit our online gallery to see more of his work.

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