Equality - Digital Art

Equality - Jose Rojas 2019


New original artworks from artist Jose Rojas. This new digital art piece challenges and shine the light on equality. Make art be happy.

New original artworks by Jose Rojas. Equality, a photoshop created poster. Using a group of photos. layer on top of each other to create on in unity. We talk a lot about the problems of earth, but we need to take responsibility for the situation we find ourselves. This piece is a reminder of how equality could, should be the focal point of life. Equality is not offer to all equally. We look to those in power to help us. and it challenges the boundaries of who is really out to help us. Equality provokes the boundaries boundaries and feelings of life chosen few. We should lend a hand to those in need. But also point the light to those that claim to be and are not.

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